Let's Talk About White Sage

Having a small platform and a following of spiritual enthusiasts, I feel obliged to share some information with you and how the surge in western spirituality can be detrimental to minorities as white people capitalise off the exploitation and appropriation of other cultures with closed spiritual practices (what's up capitalism + colonialism, lookin @ u).
White sage is sacred to indigenous native Americans and smudging is a ceremonial act their people are trained in, in closed religious practices. Not anyone can smudge. And white people have been carelessly harvesting white sage to sell and profit from, while damaging and hurting native Americans. So white sage is quite unethical to buy from other white people. As is Santo Palo. It is currently endagered and the use of it is not encouraged. 
There are many alternatives that are utilised in open practices, particularly Irish and Scottish smoke cleansing rituals, such as Saining with Juniper or Rosemary which is widely available and not infringing or damaging to the livelihoods of marginalised people. 
There are many amazing resources online to learn more from so have a read around and remember to think about where your spiritual supplies come from, could they be harming other people and who is profiting from them.