Moldavite, Will it Ruin My Life?

Moldavite, Will it Ruin My Life?

The quick answer is no.

Moldavite has seen a dramatic surge in popularity in the last few months and it is understandable why. It is estimated that moldavite was formed almost 15 million years ago when a meteorite crashed into the area now known as the Bohemian plateau. You may have seen viral videos of people holding or wearing Moldavite for the first time. They comment on feeling a heating sensation in their hand, a sense of tranquillity or even overwhelming emotions, often beginning to cry or laugh hysterically. You might have even seen some people claim that Moldavite dramatically transformed their lives for the better, attributing new job opportunities to the little green rock. Sometimes, people will place blame on Moldavite for misfortune such as their car breaking down.

Of course we are all free to believe in whatever divine power that we feel most resonates with us. However, as someone who sells crystals, and even Moldavite when I can manage to ethically source it, I feel obliged to comment on this phenomena that has taken the internet by storm. 

I believe crystals in genral enhance areas of my life. When I wear rose quartz it reminds me to be kind to myself. When I carry citrine in my purse, I might notice some extra coins that I have forgotten about in a coat pocket, and when I wear black tourmaline, I remember to set boundaries between myself and others to avoid being emotionally drained.

I believe the conversation in the spiritual community had surpassed the historic "do crystals work?" "can tarot cards predict the future?" and "am I really my sun sign?". I feel like now the conversation has shifted and we accept and utilise esoteric tools such as crystals, tarot cards and astrology as a mirror to reflect on our lives, ourselves and use them to grow as people.

Some people pray and they feel that works. Some people carry crystals. Whether it's a placebo effect or magic from the universe, if it is helping people and not causing harm, then that's amazing.

I personally feel that the hype around Moldavite has almost brought the credit of the spiritual community back a few decades. I don't believe a crystal from the earth can dramatically transform your life to the degree claimed by some people. I do not believe Moldavite will cause you to lose your job nor do I believe it to be solely responsibile in helping you find a soul mate.

We are humans and possess autonomy over our lives. We charge crystals with our intentions. Crystals do not have power over us. They do not override our free will. Yes, Moldavite is a beautiful and rare crystal that we can use to improve areas of our lives, much the same as a prayer might help. But no, it will not dramatically transform our lives for the better or the worse.

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