Self Love Intention Kit - Wandering Soul Jewellery
Self Love Intention Kit - Wandering Soul Jewellery
Self Love Intention Kit - Wandering Soul Jewellery
Self Love Intention Kit - Wandering Soul Jewellery
Self Love Intention Kit - Wandering Soul Jewellery

Self Love Intention Kit

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We live in intense times. With everyone trying to balance work, life, family, friends and everything else that is involved in being a human, we can often overlook how important it is to take a step back and show ourselves kindness, patience and love. It is equally important that we remind ourselves that we are worthy of the love and kindness we treat others with. Therefore, this self-love intention kit has been put together with all of these things in mind. Each piece of crystal jewellery activates the heart chakra. The meditation provided has been written by Shannon, a qualified therapeutic mindfulness instructor. The colours of the candles and pouch used within this kit reflect the properties of pink colour magic. The short ritual has been designed to amplify the overall intention of this kit. I sincerely hope these pieces bring you the self-love that you are looking for. You deserve it. 

What’s inside:

Rose quartz earrings (usually €16.99): Rose quartz is the ultimate treat yourself crystal. It promotes self-love, self-care, and self-worth. Forgive others and yourself and enjoy the balance and harmony this crystal brings. This crystal protects you from environmental negativity and replaces feelings of negativity with positive vibes.

Peacock ore necklace (usually €19.99): Peacock ore is fantastic for keeping toxicity and negativity at bay. This beautiful crystal also aids in enhancing a deeper meditative state. It serves to remind us that there is always hope and joy. Peacock Ore is one of the few crystals that is great for working with all of the chakras, as it balances them all equally. 

Rhodonite tumblestone: A crystal filled with love and balance. It has been nicknamed the “Stone of Love” due to its ability to fully clear, stimulate, and reactivate your heart. Rhodonite's energies vibrate outwards and assist in self-love and recognising self-worth.

Pink spell candles, self-love slips and a pink pouch: The colour pink has long been associated with love, harmony, kindness and gentleness. When lighting pink candles, it is difficult to not feel at peace with yourself as the gorgeous milky flow of pink begins to melt.

Self-Love meditation: This meditation not only encourages taking much needed time-out of our busy day, but self-love and showing ourselves the kindness that we deserve.

Self-Love ritual: This simple yet effective self-love ritual allows us to set an intention to show ourselves more love and patience, but also serves as an on-going reminder anytime we wear the jewellery that is within this kit.

If you want this kit but already have the jewellery included,simply leave a note on your order saying so and I will happily swap it with another piece with similar properties.