Cancer Season Is Here!

Cancer Season Is Here!

Known for their nuturing and protective nature, cancerians are ruled by the moon, making them intuitive and in tune with the world around them. Embrace the loving and psychic nature of this season with the crystals below!

Pearls are particularly useful for managing the energies we experience as a result of the full moon. They aid in personal reflection and looking inwards. As well as offering a mirror for reflection, they also help to lighten moods and spark inspiration to help you find your path in life. View our luna pearl collection here.

Smoky Quartz
This powerful crystal will support you in letting go of what no longer serves you, particularly negative emotions such as jealousy, fear, and anger. If you are feeling unlike your usual self, this stone is perfect for reconnecting with your true self, and grounding yourself back to the earth. Due to the stabilizing properties of smoky quartz, it is an ideal stone to aid you in achieving your goals and accomplishing tasks that you have been avoiding. Our smoky quartz collection can be viewed here.

Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is the ultimate treat yourself crystal. It promotes self-love, self-care and self-worth. Forgive others and yourself, and enjoy the balance and harmony this crystal brings. This crystal protects you from environmental negativity and replaces feelings of negativity with positive vibes. Our extensive rose quartz collection can be found here.

Lapis Lazuli.
This stone is perfect for those who desire truth, knowledge and honesty. It is perfect to enhance your learning and memory while improving your communication to truly express yourself. You can see our lapis lazuli pieces here.


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