Crystals for Gemini Season

Crystals for Gemini Season

Geminis are known for their intellectual ways and their witty tongue. Comfortable with duality of life, this sign is flexible in their ways and easy going. Embrace the care-free attitude of this sign with these crystals!

Blue calcite.

Blue calcite offers a gentle relaxation to the mind. It offers protection of ones energy and aura and transmits negative environmental effects. Allowing a degree of emotional separation, it allows one to view situations from a new perspective, helping create harmony in situations where tensions may arise. This is the perfect crystal for the social-butterfly type that many Geminis embody. You can check out our blue calcite pieces here.

Orange citrine.

Orange citrine attracts abundance, success and prosperity into the wearer's life. This crystal improves the flow of ideas and allow your thoughts to transfer into actions. This crystal can guide Geminis in their joyous journey to discover their purpose in life. You can view our orange citrine range here.


Labradorite is known for its ability to connect the wearer to the universe and enhance intuition. It is also known for its magical ability to promote psychic abilities. This crystal makes for a powerful voice to channel intuition, protect energy and banish negative self doubts. This crystal is ideal for Geminis who are naturals at floating in between this physical plane and the next. Have a look at our majestic labradorite collection here.

Clear quartz.

Clear quartz encourages active mindfulness while developing your personal awareness and growth. This classic crystal protects against negative energy while increasing the positive. This stone is truly the pinnacle of light and energy for spiritual people. Increase your patience and perseverance to live in a state of harmony with this beautiful stone. Clear quartz is particularly effective when working with your crown chakra. Your crown chakra connects you to the power of the Universe,
helping you acknowledge the interconnection between all living things. This crystal is a must for Geminis as they walk through a variety of path sin life. View our vast range of clear quartz here.

Happy Gemini season everyone!

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