New Moon in Gemini Yoga

New Moon in Gemini Yoga

There's a lot going on the skies right now. Between Mercury retrograde and eclipse season, we are living through some heavy times. With the new moon in Gemini occuring during an annular solar eclipse on the 10th of June, the Gemini energy is amplifed. This moon will act as a point in time for us to embrace the murky energy that we've been living in lately and allow it to gently push us forward.

Gemini's are known for the iconic twin symbol and being associated with the planet of Mercury, of communication. With a natural ability to understand the duality of life, Gemini's can experience the two sides of the same thing at the same time. Dominated by the Air element, Gemini's naturally exude a yang energy, often living in their heads.

To honour and hone the benefits of this new moon, I am holding a New Moon in Gemini Yoga Class via Zoom! It is accessible for all levels and will focus on gentle chest openers and gentle backbends. As the Gemini sign is associated with the arms (including hands and fingers), shoulders, the ribcage and nervous system, the yoga postures will focus on support from an invigorating and energetic breath.

If you would like to sign up to this class, you can! 

When: Thurdday, 10th of June at 7pm GMT.

Where: Via Zoom.

How much: €8 for a once off class or €25 for access to an unlimited amount of classes for the month of June (inlcuding meditation classes, flow yoga, restorative yoga, new moon and full moon yoga).

How do I sign up? Just email and we will get back to you with all the information!


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