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Personalised Mystery Set

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With the success of the mystery sets, I've decided to up our game! Within this personalised mystery set you are guaranteed to receive a collection of jewellery worth more than the cost of this set, a mix of raw crystals, tumblestones and other witchy magical goodies! 

So what's different about this set?

Leave a note in your order (note option is available when your product is added to your cart and you view your cart!) telling me a little bit about yourself, like your name, hobbies and what you feel like you need right now (such as empowerment, self-love, etc). I will then select the crystals most appropriate and suited to you and add in a personalised letter explaining each crystal and why I felt it best suited you.

To ensure you don't receive a piece that you already have, please use the same email address and/ or phone number and full name at checkout that you have used with previous purchases so I can make sure you do not receive items you already have! (If you have received a mystery set in the past, be sure to let me know what pieces you already have in the note section!)

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