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Silver Anklet

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Ankle bracelets, or anklets, are here! 

Each one is the same length with a clasp which will allow you to fasten it at any point on the chaim to your desired size. Chain length: 30cm/12 inches.

This particular silver anklet is adorned with yellow and blue lumerian seed crystals and green adventurine chips. 

 Yellow and blue lemurian seed crystals help embrace individuality and activate the chakras to remove energy blockages from the body. This crystal aids in grounding and balance. They encourage hope and harmony and manifest mental clarity and balanced emotions.

Chakra: crown 

Green adventurine aids in balancing our energy to flourish in our environments. It empowers us to realise our hearts desires and remove blockages to rebalance our energy, ultimately allowing ourselves to understand our own needs and emotions more clearly. It is perfect for people who want to welcome a more calm and gentle awareness and energy into their lives. This crystal is ideal for furthering personal development.

 Chakra: heart

Not suitable for children, may be a choking hazard. 
Crystal jewellery is fragile, handle with care.
Each order is individually made and therefore may differ slightly from photos.