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White Calcite & Granite Necklace

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This is not just a cute necklace, but a piece of Mother Nature that was created under intense pressure below the earth, and was forced upwards from the earth's core towards the surface. The mineral molecules in this cooled molten rock formed unique and beautiful orderly patterns which culminated in this gorgeous white calcite necklace. 

White calcite facilitates the opening of higher consciousness and psychic abilities by enhancing mental clarity and an open mind. Connect to the Universe and raise your vibrations with this powerful crystal. 

chakra: crown

Granite is this ideal for promoting protection and abundance. Protecting our emotional state by increasing a sense of calm and grounding, this allows for a more balanced approach to life. Furthermore, this stone is said to allow us to consider the bigger picture before making hasty decisions.

Chakra: third eye

This crystal has been cleansed with smoke and is ready to be charged with your unique energy and intentions.

Not suitable for children, may be a choking hazard. 
Crystal jewellery is fragile, handle with care.
Each order is individually made and therefore may differ slightly from photos.