Anti Anxiety Intention Kit - Wandering Soul Jewellery
Anti Anxiety Intention Kit - Wandering Soul Jewellery
Anti Anxiety Intention Kit - Wandering Soul Jewellery
Anti Anxiety Intention Kit - Wandering Soul Jewellery
Anti Anxiety Intention Kit - Wandering Soul Jewellery

Anti Anxiety Intention Kit

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It is entirely normal for people to feel overwhelmed with everyday responsibilities and stress. Add a pandemic on top of that, and it is understandable why anxiety levels are at an all time high. This kit had been put together in the hope that it will serve as a reminder to take a step back, and invite a sense of calm into your life amidst the chaos. The jewellery within this kit has been chosen for its properties to dispel anxiety and stress. The tumblestone has been selected for its ability to stabilise racing thoughts. The meditation provided has been written by Shannon, a qualified therapeutic mindfulness instructor. The colours of the candles and pouch within this kit reflect the properties o f blue colour magic. The short ritual has been designed to amplify the overall intention of this kit. I sincerely hope these pieces bring you the sense of calm that you are looking for. You deserve it. 

What’s inside:

Black tourmaline necklace (usually  €16.99): This crystal is a daily disinfectant for the soul. It is a perfect stone for someone who spends a lot of time online or on social media, as part of their job or as a hobby. This stone empowers those who work or live in challenging environments. Black tourmaline eliminates negative energy and toxicity from electronics. It aids in promoting a sense of power and self-confidence. Black tourmaline is fantastic for working with the root chakra.

Clear quartz earrings (usually  €15.99): This crystal encourages active mindfulness while developing your personal awareness and growth. This classic crystal protects against negative energy while increasing the positive. This stone is truly the pinnacle of light and energy for spiritual people. Increase your patience and perseverance to live in a state of harmony with this beautiful stone. 

Smoky quartz tumblestone: This powerful crystal will support you in letting go of what no longer serves you, particularly negative emotions such as jealousy, fear, and anger. If you are feeling unlike your usual self, this stone is perfect for reconnecting with your true self, and grounding yourself back to the earth. This crystal is an ideal stone to aid you in achieving your goals and accomplishing tasks that you have been avoiding.

Blue spell candles, anti-anxiety slips and a blue pouch: The colour blue has been long associated with releasing what no longer serves us whilst bringing in a sense of calm and tranquillity into our lives.

Anti-anxiety meditation: This meditation allows for a mental, physical and spiritual release of the anxieties that can overwhelm our systems.

Anti-anxiety ritual: This simple yet effective ritual allows us to set an intention to release what no longer serves us. 

If you want this kit but already have the jewellery included,simply leave a note on your order saying so and I will happily swap it with another piece with similar properties.