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Mindful Wave Ring

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Living in the twenty-first century surrounded by societal pressures, buzzing notifications and a seemingly constant flow of bad news, life can feel quite overwhelming at times. As people, it is important to not let our thoughts control us and cause us to ruminate and catastrophize over what we cannot control in the present moment.

As a meditation teacher, I am all about focusing on the breath as a means of controlling the loudness of our thoughts. Our thoughts, much like our breath, has a beginning, middle and an end. As we slow down our breath, naturally, we will slow down our thoughts. Have you ever taken a gorgeous long inhale and slow-releasing exhale? Go ahead, give it a go right now. Allow yourself to feel the beginning of the breath, the peak of the pause at the end of the inhale and the release and pause at the end of the exhale. How did that feel? How did that sound? Similar to a wave, right?

I was inspired to create this ring to act as a reminder for myself to remain in the present moment and not to work up my anxiety by worrying about potential future issues. As a thought rises up like a wave, it will come to a peak where we can recognise the thought for what it is - just a thought (and we are not our thoughts), and then allow it to gently subside. When I catch myself stressing about what I cannot control, seeing this ring reminds me to

1. Inhale and exhale slowly to remain grounded.

2. Allow the thought to arise, recognise it, and let it subside (I've even developed it into my own little mantra 'arise, recognise, subside').

3. Stay present.

We can only control the present moment and it is our actions and decisions in the present moment which will dictate the future and the control and influence we have on it.

This ring is one size fits all as it is adjustable