Selenite Moon & Clear Quartz Wall Hanging - Wandering Soul Jewellery
Selenite Moon & Clear Quartz Wall Hanging - Wandering Soul Jewellery

Selenite Moon & Clear Quartz Wall Hanging

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This piece is not just a cute wall hanging, but a piece of Mother Nature that was created under intense pressure below the earth, and was forced upwards from the earth's core towards the surface. The mineral molecules in this cooled molten rock formed unique and beautiful orderly patterns which culminated in this gorgeous decor piece.

This wall decor is ideal for anyone who wants to promote and maintain mental clarity. 

Selenite is a powerful cleansing stone as it never has to be cleansed and is even used to charge other crystals! A perfect stone to have in the home to maintain a positive atmosphere! Selenite is a magical stone aligns the chakras and raises awareness to a higher plane, making it the perfect crystal for those embarking on a spiritual journey. It aids in quietening the mind and bringing about mental clarity. Selenite allows the wearer to draw focus and attention into the here and now by balancing and stabilizing emotions. It is ideal for cleansing the aura of all toxins and negativity.

 Clear quartz encourages active mindfulness while developing your personal awareness and growth. This classic crystal protects against negative energy while increasing the positive. This stone is truly the pinnacle of light and energy for spiritual people. Increase your patience and perseverance to live in a state of harmony with this beautiful stone.

This crystal has been cleansed with smoke and is ready to be charged with your unique energy and intentions.


Chakra: crown 


Not suitable for children, may be a choking hazard. 
Crystal jewellery is fragile, handle with care.
Each order is individually made and therefore may differ slightly from photos.