Tree Of Life Wall Hanging - Wandering Soul Jewellery
Tree Of Life Wall Hanging - Wandering Soul Jewellery
Tree Of Life Wall Hanging - Wandering Soul Jewellery

Tree Of Life Wall Hanging

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This tree of life wall hanging is sure to spread magic and joy in your home. With a selection of seven different crystal types (and even more individual crystals!), the incredible vibes that radiate from this decor piece are undeniable. Crystals included: carnelian, orange citrine, green adventurine, amazonite, purple amethyst, rose quartz and angel aura quartz. 

The tree of life is a symbol with a variety of meanings to many people. It signifies grounding, growth, balance, development, fluidity, a connection to nature and so on.

Crystals included:

Ensure your intuition and gut feeling is sharp with this vibrant carnelian crystal. Carnelian balances your sacral chakra. When your sacral chakra is unbalanced, feelings of mistrust, anxiety and fear may arise. This vibrant beauty aids in grounding the wearer back to earth and settling the uneasy feeling that may arise in times of stress. 

Orange citrine attracts abundance, success and prosperity into the wearer's life. This crystal improves the flow of ideas and allow your thoughts to transfer into actions. Allow this crystal to guide you in your joyous journey to discover your purpose in life.

Green adventurine aids in balancing our energy to flourish in our environments. It empowers us to realise our hearts desires and remove blockages to rebalance our energy, ultimately allowing ourselves to understand our own needs and emotions more clearly. It is perfect for people who want to welcome a more calm and gentle awareness and energy into their lives. This crystal is ideal for furthering personal development.

Amazonite is a crystal for those who want to feel empowered and confident in their own thoughts ideas and beliefs. Not only does this crystal help with self esteem at a vocal and communicative level, it offers a gentle reminder to remain kind to ourselves with our internal monologue and to not be so quick to judge and criticise ourselves.

Allow purple amethyst to enhance a deep meditative state while purifying any negativity from the aura. This crystal will promote creativity and passion while bringing about a sense of peace and calm. Become more in tune with your feelings as you experience clarity of mind.

Rose quartz is the ultimate treat yourself crystal. It promotes self-love, self-care, and self-worth. Forgive others and yourself and enjoy the balance and harmony this crystal brings. This crystal protects you from environmental negativity and replaces feelings of negativity with positive vibes.

Angel aura quartz has a mystical glow from within that reflects beautifully in the light. This crystal is highly powerful as it activates and balances all of your seven chakras. Angel aura quartz is a crystal that is ideal for magical and spiritual people who want to discover and explore the deeper meaning of life.

This crystal has been cleansed with smoke and is ready to be charged with your unique energy and intentions.

Not suitable for children, may be a choking hazard. 
Crystal jewellery is fragile, handle with care.
Each order is individually made and therefore may differ slightly from photos.